90-Day 2019 Social Media Content Calendar for Authors


90-Day 2019 Social Media Content Calendar for Authors

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Get a social media content calendar with prompts, hashtags, and schedule ideas for each and every day of January, February, and March 2019.

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This PDF download comes with:

  • A social media prompt for each day January - March 2019.

  • Over 90 hashtags to connect with readers, publishers, agents, and writers.

  • 9 writing observances (ex. “National Grammar Day,” and “World Poetry Day.”)

  • Hashtags and prompts to help grow your audience by connecting with attendees of 10 big writing conferences.

  • Instructions on how to use the content calendar.

  • Tips on taking pictures and finding great images to make your social media stand out.

How much is your time worth?

This content calendar full of prompts, hashtags, and direction will save you countless hours while building your audience in a powerful and proven way! If you’d rather be writing than posting on social media, this PDF will be incredibly valuable for you.

Why I created this downloadable content calendar:

I’ve been working with authors to build their social media for more than ten years, and one of the questions that I get again and again is “what should I post?”

Many authors worry that their unique writing voice doesn’t translate to social media, or that they’ll spend all their time taking pictures of their lunch or posting other trite updates.

The authors who are able to consistently, successfully sell books using their social media channels are able to find a successful way to take the mundane and make it special on their social media channels, and that’s what this 90 Day Social Media Content Calendar invites you to do. Take each day’s post as an invitation to let your real self shine through!

This 90-day content calendar is specifically designed to help authors get started—and get ahead—on your social media posts with the intention of growing your audience within the writing community.

With a mixture of post prompts, questions, networking suggestions, and book-specific hashtags, each day of this calendar should help maximize engagement and introduce you to new agents, authors, and readers.

Your own voice is vital to making your social media platform work. It’s OK to be snarky, grumpy, joyful, introspective... just be you! 

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