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Dec 6, 2018 Holiday Marketing for Authors

Session open to everyone: no password required! From gift guides to hashtags to making the most of holiday sale prices, there are tons of actions that authors can take to get their book stuffed in Santa’s sleigh this holiday season.

Every shopper wants to be a gift-giving hero this time of year. They want to feel original, clever, astute, and tuned-in when they see their loved ones’ eyes light up in a flurry of wrapping paper scraps and ribbon. Your book can make someone a gift-giving hero this year—so let’s make sure they can find it and that you present it as the perfect gift that it is. View the video tutorial and session instructions now.

Jan 17, 2018 - Creating a Powerful 2019 Content Calendar

  • This session is password protected. If you don’t have the password, please purchase the eCourse.

  1. How to plan and schedule out your messages (emails, blog posts, and social media posts) in advance, so that you can free yourself up to discover new ways to authentically connect with readers.

  2. How to use free analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to learn more about your audience and the type of topics they like to engage with.

  3. How to conduct a comparative author analysis and learn about what other authors are doing successfully… and how to translate what you learn to your unique voice and style.

  4. I’ll share an overview of different social media research and scheduling tools so you can see how each one operates.

  5. We’ll talk about the best days and times to share, how many times to post and tweet each link, and more.

View the video tutorial and session instructions now.

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Feb 7, 2018 Attracting New Readers

Can an older book have a new life? Absolutely! Can an author branch out and connect with readers in a different niche—yes! This session will cover how authors can connect with and attract new readers to sell more books.

How to use Amazon as a search engine to pinpoint new groups of readers to target.

  1. How to use free social media tools to delve into audiences and discover new routes for connection.

  2. How to find micro-influencers who can have a big impact in sharing your work with new readers.

  3. How Meetups and local networking groups can create powerful opportunities to reach new readers.

  4. How to encourage current readers to share and evangelize your books.

View the video tutorial and session instructions now.