LIVE Training Session - Attracting New Readers

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LIVE Training Session - Attracting New Readers


Join the LIVE training session on Attracting New Readers!

Can an older book have a new life? Absolutely! Can an author branch out and connect with readers in a different niche—yes! This session will cover how authors can connect with and attract new readers to sell more books.

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Hello! I’m Sarah Christensen Fu.

I run the Digital & Social Media Marketing Club for Authors. I’ve worked at Penguin Books and Simon & Schuster as a digital marketer, and as a freelancer with agents, publishers, and individual authors. It’s my passion to help authors gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to connect with more readers and sell more books.

Here’s What I’ll Discuss and Demonstrate in this LIVE Session (Feb 7th “Attracting New Readers”) :

  1. How to use Amazon as a search engine to pinpoint new groups of readers to target.

  2. How to use free social media tools to delve into audiences and discover new routes for connection.

  3. How to find micro-influencers who can have a big impact in sharing your work with new readers.

  4. How Meetups and local networking groups can create powerful opportunities to reach new readers.

  5. How to encourage current readers to share and evangelize your books.

…And much more! You’ll leave the session with fresh, fun ideas—PLUS after this this session, you’ll have made serious progress toward your marketing goals.

Join the Club and Save!

What you’ll get when you join…

  • Learn the skills you need to grow your audience from a publishing industry digital marketing expert.

  • Get the support you need to launch effective web pages, blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters & more.

  • Stay focused and get ahead on your to-do list for marketing (and free up time for everything else you want to do).

  • Get unstuck creatively and get inspired by what’s working now for the best in the biz.

  • Overcome feelings of self-consciousness about promoting your work by sharing authentic, creative marketing messages that make you proud and excited!

You belong in this club if…

  • You just spent 10 minutes writing a tweet and then deleted it because it sounded a little off.

  • You have a basic understanding of computers, but have blockers when it comes to time or focus, or you lack some skills or concepts.

  • You have a tough time aligning your “author self” with your “online self” so you can thoughtfully promote your writing.

  • You work alone most of the time, and you just don’t trust your goldfish to give you honest feedback on your website or social media posts.

  • You’re slightly embarrassed by other people’s braggadocious social media promotions.