Does Your Social Media Stand Out?

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Social media can be tricky, awkward, and trite—and it can feel like a huge distraction when you’re trying to do important things. (Like, write, for example!)

For better or worse, authors need to find their niche on social media and promote their books. Otherwise, their precious hard work will dissolve into the more than five million other books on Amazon.

You’ve worked too hard to fade into the background!

The most successful authors find a way to take their innate creativity and powerful voice and translate it to social media posts that attract and engage new readers.

Authors, it’s time to find your social media legs—and I can help.

I’ve marketed more than fifty bestselling books, helped many authors build a real, authentic, engaged following, and I want to teach you how to be fearless, jump in, and promote your writing career with confidence (but NOT like an annoying used-car salesman).

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Making these little changes starting today can help you gain confidence—and feel great about posting regularly.

Imagine how exciting it will feel to know you’re posting the right things to build your readership and sell your books!

I want that feeling for you. Here’s a great first step…

Great! So now that you know what to post in order to stand out… stop messing around online and get BACK TO WRITING!