Creating A New Facebook Fan Page

Facebook fan pages are a VERY powerful tool that authors can use to reach new readers. Want the most recent stats on why authors should be on Facebook? Check out my blog post here. And when you’re ready to get started… here’s how!

Wait! Before you start this tutorial…

Did you know that you can turn your personal Facebook profile into a Facebook fan page?

It’s kind of amazing! Facebook now lets you KEEP your personal page when you do this too, so it’s a great option for new authors who want to continue to keep their personal and public lives separate.

For more information on this option, visit “Transforming Your Personal Profile to Your Facebook Fan Page.”

Extra credit! Download the printable PDF for this tutorial to help you plan out the information you’d like to share when setting up your Facebook fan page.

Follow-along directions:

Step-by-step, you’ll build an author platform that you are confident about using to reach new readers online! Follow these directions to build your author Facebook page.

Wait! Make sure you’ve done this. Completing these 5-minute tutorials before you get started will help you stay organized and move quickly through the steps.

  • Complete your author brand worksheet

  • Take an excellent author photo

  • Create a striking Facebook cover image (using Canva)

  • Write your author bio

  • (Optional) Create your author website

If not, go back to the tutorial page.

  1. Go to to get started.

  2. Choose “Business or Brand.”

  3. Type in your page name. In most cases, I suggest your name - comma - “Author,” (like Sarah Christensen Fu, Author), especially if you already have a personal profile under your own name.

  4. Choose “Author” or “Writer” as your category.

  5. Add your profile picture.

  6. Add your cover photo.

  7. Tada! Your page has been created.

  8. Create a page @username - this should be the same as your Instagram handle and Twitter handle whenever possible.

  9. Update your page information, especially your author bio and information about your book. If you’re not automatically directed there, try clicking the “About” link on the left navigation. This information could also include:

    • Awards that you’ve won

    • Publications

    • Your favorite books

    • A link to your website

    • Your personal interests

What’s next?

  • Create a powerful content calendar

  • Run Facebook “Like” ads

  • Boost your Facebook posts

  • Run Facebook ads

Additional Resources

  • Facebook’s Help and Support directions

  • Facebook fan page tip


Any Questions?

Please share your questions, and make sure to specify anything that is not clear, or any additional tutorials that would help you accomplish your ideal author platform! My goal is to get back to you within 48 hours with a new tutorial or personal advice to help you solve your problem!

Be as specific as possible so I can get you what you need!