Design Work Samples & Portfolio

Facebook Post and Ad Design

Scroll through and explore the projects I’ve worked on. Each Facebook post or ad should be designed based on how it will appeal to the ideal reader of the book. Ads are always targeted to the readers of similar titles, or readers who share interests with the author. The balance between having text that’s big enough to read, but that doesn’t trigger warnings from Facebook—and having an image or design that grabs the viewer is always tricky, and testing a few different images with readers to see what gets the best reaction is always a good practice. Facebook ads can be 1200 x 628 pixels, or cropped square—1200 x 1200 pixels. Use the arrows to scroll through the designs.

Instagram Design

Instagram design has to be thumb-stopping. It has to make the user slow down or stop their scroll and want to know more about what this image is all about. Whether the image is cute, aspirational, beautiful, or gritty—it’s got to be an image that makes an instant impact. Instagram designs should be 1080 pixels wide by 566 pixels to 1350 pixels high. Video also works great on Instagram, and I recommend Animoto for simple animations. There are wonderful apps that will animate your photos as well. Use the arrows to scroll through the designs.

Pinterest Designs

Pinterest is an amazing—and underused—network to attract readers. In addition to the cooking, crafting, and home remodeling inspiration, you’ll also find lots of book pins, and lots of pins from authors. If you’re a non-fiction author, posting information about your topic will help shine a spotlight on your book, and if you’re a fiction author, introducing people to your characters or the world you write about is an amazing way to connect with readers. Pins that are vertical (600 x 900 pixels is optimal – or any 2:3 aspect ratio), with bright colors, eye-catching images, and large text. Use the arrows to scroll through the designs.

 Lead Gen PDFs

Attract new readers and email subscribers by offering samplers, bonus content, or extras about your topics. Use the arrows to scroll through the designs.


Sometimes digital marketers need a certain picture for a certain promotion—so I pull my camera out and snap those pictures! Use the arrows to scroll through the designs.