Author Marketing Strategy Call

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Author Marketing Strategy Call


Let’s work together to get your book in the hands of more readers!

  1. First, place your order here.

  2. Then, when you get your confirmation email, you can choose your call time and answer a few questions about your book!

I cannot wait to talk about your book and your marketing opportunities—your book deserves to be read!

Schedule Our Call!

Our focus is on authentic book marketing (not “hacks”). Together, we’ll unlock how to share your personality and/or expertise to create powerful connections with readers.

What you’ll get with your one-hour Author Strategy Call:

  1. A face-to-face conversation with a book marketing pro—me, Sarah Christensen Fu—to discuss your unique book and marketing opportunities! Most calls are video calls, using Zoom or Google Hangouts to connect, share screens, and generally dig in.

  2. A shared Google document with best practices for authentic marketing, where we can both take notes about ideas and plans. This document will be a resource for years to come!

  3. Best practices on marketing tactics, social media tricks, and more (all customized to what you want to do!)

  4. A customized peek at the titles and authors in your niche who are:

    • Selling more books

    • Getting more reviews

    • Being selected as book club reads

    • Getting more interviews or press

    • Creating powerful networks and connections

    • Getting lots of engagement on social media

  5. An invitation to a Facebook Group where authors can share ideas and resources, and get feedback from industry experts.

Authors who have an initial strategy call get a set of customized tools they can use to build their author platform over the course of their writing career, and a professional’s perspective on the best place to start!

Let’s get started! I can’t wait to get to know you.