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Got social (media) anxiety? Join the Club.

Yeah, I know how it feels. It feels like you don’t have enough time, you’re never doing enough, you’re doing the wrong things, or you can’t figure out how to do the things you see other people doing. It can sometimes feel like you’re spamming your friends or shouting into a vacuum. And it can feel like a long, lonely time before you see results. Cue the anxiety.

It’s a smart, savvy marketing support group for authors... Join us!
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You belong in this club if…

  • You just spent 10 minutes writing a tweet and then deleted it because it sounded a little off.

  • You have a basic understanding of computers, but have blockers when it comes to time or focus, or you lack some skills or concepts.

  • You have a tough time aligning your “author self” with your “online self” so you can thoughtfully promote your writing.

  • You work alone most of the time, and you just don’t trust your goldfish to give you honest feedback on your website or social media posts.

  • You’re slightly embarrassed by other people’s braggadocious social media promotions.

What you’ll get when you join…

  • Learn the skills you need to grow your audience from a publishing industry digital marketing expert.

  • Get the support you need to launch effective web pages, blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters & more.

  • Stay focused and get ahead on your to-do list for marketing (and free up time for everything else you want to do).

  • Get unstuck creatively and get inspired by what’s working now for the best in the biz.

  • Overcome feelings of self-consciousness about promoting your work by sharing authentic, creative marketing messages that make you proud and excited!

About the Club

The Hey, Sarah Digital & Social Marketing Club is an exclusive club for select authors who want to promote their work online and grow their social media audiences. This club is for you if you have good ideas for connecting with readers, but feel too busy or unsure to push forward. If you want fresh inspiration and skills training based on the newest trends in digital marketing and want to grow in an authentic way, please apply now to join!

Led by me—Sarah Christensen Fu of Hey, Sarah—we meet every-other week and delve into a marketing topic to develop new skills. Each member has a chance to share his or her focus with the group, and then follows a dedicated two-hour work session to roll up our sleeves and dig in to whatever work needs to be accomplished to push our plans forward. During our work time, I will help you untangle knots, troubleshoot problems, master skills, or come up with new ideas for connecting with new readers.

I’ve worked with hundreds of authors to help promote books online, and I’ve taught publishers, podcasters, and others in the industry the essential skills of digital marketing. I am committed to lifelong education, so I will be constantly seeking out new methods, new platforms, and new tactics for authors to make authentic connections with readers. In each session, I’ll pass these new ideas on to club members, so we all have the opportunity to use the best tools and systems for attracting new readers!

Here’s what each session will look like:

15-minute intros. We’ll introduce ourselves and our work. This is also an opportunity to share what you’ve been struggling with over the past couple of weeks and set an intention for the session.

Skill or strategy training tutorial. We’ll go in deep. I’ll share my screen to demonstrate and train members on a skill set.

Discussion and Dedicated Work Time. Half the battle of growing an audience is making the time to plan and execute your strategy. When you block off this chunk of time on your calendar, I will help you brainstorm, troubleshoot, and push your plans forward—any blocks you’re struggling with will be resolved in real time. This is the gold, because as long as you commit this time, you are guaranteed to leave the session having made significant progress on your plans.

This club will bring you together with a supportive, talented community of people with similar goals. Don’t let another week go by without moving forward and connecting with new readers!

In this club, we WILL get it done, and we will make it wok—in an authentic, creative, effective way that will make you feel proud to promote your work.


Membership & Pricing

Subscription membership - $200/month
Here’s what you get when you sign up!

  • Two sessions per month

  • Access to archived sessions

  • Feedback and support from a group of vetted professional authors

  • One 30-minute one-on-one session per month

  • Email support and feedback throughout the month

  • An invitation to a private Facebook group to stay connected to your community

Session Schedule

Creating a Powerful 2019 Editorial Calendar
This session is dedicated to mapping out a digital marketing strategy for the new year, and creating an editorial calendar with goals for your marketing that you feel great about!
Session #2 - Thursday, January 10th 12pm - 3pm ET

Attracting New Readers
What does an author website need to attract new readers? Overview of website platforms, newsletter programs, SEO, and the extra tools and services you can use to make your website work for you.

Session #3 - Thursday, January 24th 12pm - 3pm ET

Getting Amazon Reviews
The number of Amazon reviews that a book has can greatly impact its visibility. If you want your book to come up higher in search, get people talking. This session is all about how to find reviewers, ask for reviews, and follow up in a graceful, non-desperate way!
Session #4 - Thursday, February 7th 12pm - 3pm ET