Wondering what it’s like to work with Sarah? Cindy’s experience:

Cindy and her daughter, Beth

Cindy and her daughter, Beth

“I had planned to wait until my book was in the publishing process to work on an author platform. When I sent out my first query letters for my memoir, a kind agent told me that I needed one before I queried. A writer friend highly recommended Sarah, and she impressed me right away. I appreciated her expertise, as well as her patience with my lack of knowledge. Sarah helped me start my website, blog, and social media. 

My author platform grew steadily, and I kept in touch with Sarah when new questions popped up. Her advice never let me down. In two years, I gained 20,000 Twitter followers, published dozens of articles, connected with national disability groups, and responded daily to personal comments on my blog and articles. I added platform details to my query letter. As a direct result, I received several responses to my queries and more requests for my manuscript. My memoir will launch soon with a traditional publisher, with an exciting book tour based on my still-growing platform. Thank you, Sarah!”


— Cindy Kolbe, author of Struggling with Serendipity


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Hey, I'm Sarah Christensen Fu!

I've got over a decade of book marketing experience and keep up with the latest digital marketing trends (so you don't have to)!

I love my job. I get to take an author's labor of love and translate it to the viral world of social media. I honed my book marketing skills at Penguin Books and Simon & Schuster after studying media and communication at New York University.

I now work with clients all over the country from my home office near Denver, Colorado. I find the best way for authors to sell books using social media, chat bots, and the latest mobile trends (so writers can concentrate on the writing).


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Audience building, ads & MESSENGER 

What goes in your "about me" section... how to use Facebook Messenger to make book sales... what to post & when... what to boost & how much to spend... how to create custom audiences to get the best results... 


Boards, ads, and more

What's the best audience to reach on Pinterest... what type of pins get the most clicks... how can you use Pinterest ads to target active readers... what pin designs get the most attention...


lead generators and emailS

What is the single most important thing for an author to have on his or her site... How much does mobile design matter... how do you drive people to your site...


Hashtags, Videos & Animations

Do authors really need Instagram... which posts get the most organic likes... what are Instagram stories... how to create great videos (affordably)... what hashtags to follow and include in your posts... 

Goodreads & Amazon Author Central


What tools do these platforms offer authors... how can you create author profiles that sell... when is the right time to do an author giveaway...  

Email Lists

lead generators and email MARKETING

Which types of leads generate the most opt-ins... how can you make sure the people on your email list actually buy your books... what's the best email service to use...