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StrategyContent Creation • Save with Packages!


1-Hour Strategy Call - $100

Limited time offer! 1-hour strategy call + you’ll come away with personalized ideas, best practices, next steps, and how-to’s. If you move forward with other strategy work, you can roll this cost into the total.

Digital Platform Audit & Recommendations - $200

1-hour strategy call + a report with an audit of ads, landing pages, social media channels, email newsletter, and any other parts of your digital marketing strategy + actionable recommendations based on the latest studies of what’s working in your industry.

A/B Testing Strategy & Plan - $300

1-hour strategy call + a testing plan and rubric for evaluating and updating your messaging, images, design, headlines, and content to see what really works to convert your target audience.

Influencer Research & Strategy Plan - $400

Influencer marketing blends the power of traditional publicity with word-of-mouth advertising. 

1-hour strategy call + a list of 50 potential influencers most relevant to you, including contact information and a strategic plan including what to send, what type of co-promotions to suggest, and potential advertising/sponsorship opportunities.

Digital Marketing Campaign & Ad Plan - $400

1-hour strategy call + a complete digital marketing campaign plan, including target audience characteristics, and detailed instructions on how to execute and promote each stage of the plan.

Digital & Social Media Advertising Plan - $500

1-hour strategy call + a ready-to-execute ad plan including target audience characteristics, A/B testing recommendations, budget and timeline, pixel, custom conversion, and tracking recommendations, plus messaging and design starters and examples.

90-Day Content Marketing Strategy Plan - $750

1-hour strategy call + a complete 90-day content marketing schedule for blog posts, email newsletters, and social media, including target audience characteristics, headlines and detailed instructions on how to execute and promote each stage of the plan.